Choosing success – the PureSOx scrubber platform

SOx limits for Emission Control Areas (ECAs) are in effect. How you choose to comply impacts not only your peace of mind, but also your operating economy.

Alfa Laval PureSOx is the only complete SOx scrubber platform and your proven route to ensuring competitiveness. Built with Alfa Laval core technology and over 40 years of marine scrubber experience, it lets you secure compliance while using HFO rather than a more expensive alternative.

Whether you choose an open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid arrangement, or a scrubber with a U- or an I-design, your fuel cost savings with PureSOx will be measurable – and substantial.

Choosing a competitive ECA route

Understand the issues behind ECA compliance and learn how your choices affect your long-term economy.

PureSOx with
an inline I-design
is here

The PureSOx platform now offers a choice of scrubber designs: the familiar U-design and the new inline I-design.

Find the PureSOx system for your vessel

Use our simple configuration tool to reveal the PureSOx scrubber system that’s right for you. Only a few steps are required.

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In our case we wanted to have a completely independent system, and that’s why we chose the hybrid. And that’s why we chose Alfa Laval.

Michael Liljeström - Project Leader, Spliethoff

Michael Liljeström