LKB Butterfly Valve

The Alfa Laval LKB Butterfly Valve is a reliable, hygienic in-line valve for routing low- and medium-viscosity liquids in stainless steel pipe systems due to its substantial opening area and low flow resistance. Choose between manual or automatic operation using either a standard handle or pneumatic actuator. It is widely used in hygienic applications across the dairy, food, beverage, brewery and many other industries.

LKB butterfly valve with ThinkTop

Reliable, cost-effective butterfly valve for flow control in piping systems across various hygienic applications

  • High-performance, low flow resistance shutoff valve ensures high Kv value and low pressure drop
  • Maintenance-friendly thereby minimizing service downtime, especially for the flange version
  • Cost-effective solution for straightforward flow control
  • Space-saving, economical construction facilitates inline mounting in piping systems
  • High process hygiene due to the use of the same components as the EHEDG-certified LKB valve

Get reliable, cost-effective flow control and lift your process performance with the Alfa Laval LKB Butterfly Valve range. Minimal flow restrictions allow the unobstructed passage of process fluids, including those with high concentrations of particles. Easy to configure and upgrade, the LKB raises product quality while reducing energy, water and cleaning media costs, especially in combination with the Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 and V70 pulse seat clean function.

Optimize flow control and quickly bring valves online using optional intelligent valve control units with auto-setup function. Maintenance is fast and economical; no special tools are required when replacing a single long-life component.

Versatile, modular, and easy to configure, these hygienic butterfly valves lift productivity and end-product quality across the dairy, food, beverage, brewery and many other industries.

How it works

The Alfa Laval LKB Butterfly Valve operates either by means of a pneumatic actuator from a remote location or manually by means of a handle. The actuator comes in three standard versions: normally closed (NC), normally open (NO), and air/air activated (A/A).

For pneumatic operation, an actuator converts axial piston motion into a 90° rotation of the shaft. The actuator torque increases as the valve disc comes into contact with the butterfly valve seal ring to secure proper closing of the valve seat.

For manual operation, a handle mechanically locks the valve in open or closed position. Two-position, four-position, regulating 90°-position, and multi-position handles are available. Manual butterfly valves can also be mounted with indication units for feedback on the valve position (open/closed).

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Optimize™ by Alfa Laval accelerates your sustainability efforts by enhancing your existing processes. Together we can optimize your processes to accomplish more with less, without straining your operation or budget. Enabling substantial cuts in water, energy, and chemicals consumption to help make your business part of a truly sustainable future.


Services for hygienic valves

To ensure continuous uptime for your hygienic processes, extend the lifetime of your hygienic valves. With Alfa Laval as your service partner, you have access to our global service network and experts when you need it and local support when it counts. Rely on our broad range of services to optimize your processes – whenever, wherever.

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Close at hand catalogue about valves

At your fingertips: Alfa Laval hygienic valves to ensure the most efficient flow of fluids through your process lines. Our ‘Close at hand’ catalogue details everything you need to determine the optimal flow solution for your processes. What you get is no risk of cross-contamination, increased safety, more uptime and cost savings, and greater productivity.

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