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AlfaNova is set to work!

AlfaNova is the world’s first plate heat exchanger made out of 100 percent stainless steel. It is based on Alfa Laval’s revolutionary method for bonding of stainless steel plates – AlfaFusion. Since AlfaNova is made out of one material, it has a set of unique properties – i.e. extremely high resistance to pressure fatigue, thermal influence and corrosion. It opens new perspectives e.g. in applications where galvanized steel pipes would normally suffer from corrosion or where tap water purity requirements are high.

DATE 2015-06-02

We are proud to say, that markets all over the world have shown a keen interest in the most recent addition to the Alfa
Laval PHE family. By offering solutions to some “classic” problems, AlfaNova has the same power as hard currency. It is
respected and welcomed all over the world.

AlfaNova enters the German scene

Founded in 1884, Bewag was the first public company to supply electricity in Germany. Today, the company is owned
by Vattenfall Europe AG and has grown to be the largest district heating producer in Europe. The resources include
some 1 300 kilometres of piping network, thirteen heat plants and eleven combined heat and power plants. The major customer segment is private households. At the moment, Bewag supplies 550 000 homes with district heating (i.e. every third
home in Berlin).

AlfaNova stands the pressure in Switzerland

ProEnergy is a Swiss manufacturer of substations for district heating. Over the years, the company has built their solutions
based on heat exchangers of their own design. The major customer segment consists of communities and bigger cities
– most of them prohibiting the use of non-ferrous metals on the primary side of their systems.

At the beginning of this year, ProEnergy started to integrate frontline technology from Alfa Laval in their solutions. More
precisely, they substituted their own heat exchangers with AlfaNova, the first heat exchanger made completely out of
stainless steel. Product Portfolio Manager Robert Freitag at Alfa Laval explains:

– ProEnergy was attracted by the high efficiency of AlfaNova and especially its performance under high pressure. They also
appreciate its compact size and unique resistance to corrosion. The company has an eager ear for innovations, and our
dialogue with them is indeed fruitful. Since they have been designing and producing heat exchangers for years, our daily
communication is very much a communication between colleagues. To them, the new horizons opened by AlfaNova are
very obvious.