Casein recovery with higher yield and quality – and maximum uptime

Two of New Zealand’s most prominent leaders in the production of high-quality, specialized dairy products are now poised to enhance their productivity, quality and ensure consistent uptime. This comes after they recently upgraded their equipment by replacing ageing machines with Alfa Laval Foodec Hygiene Plus Decanters. This decanter is specifically designed for use in the processing of food for human consumption, allowing for improved efficiency, higher extraction yield and superior product quality.

DATE 2024-04-11


True partners

Over the course of the past two decades, Alfa Laval has become a trusted partner to these companies, providing support throughout the entire lifecycle of their previous machines. Leveraging their expertise in dairy processing, Alfa Laval proposed the Foodec Hygiene Plus Decanter technology as an upgrade for their existing casein decanter installations. This new technology has been confirmed by customers to bring notable advancements in performance for casein processing.

We have already seen significant improvements in our processing operations, particularly with regards to handling challenging feed material and achieving higher product quality," says a spokesperson at one of the dairy processing companies. "Crucially, the seamless installation and commissioning of the new equipment ensured uninterrupted milk processing on site, which is of utmost importance as our entire skim-milk production depends on this plant."

Regional importance

The dairy industry in New Zealand plays a major role both at national and regional levels with big exports of dairy products across Oceania and big parts of Asia. The export value of casein products has been forecast to increase to around 3.3 billion New Zealand dollars this year, making it the largest exporter of casein in the world and just a few weeks into the production season, the increased reliability and efficiency of the Alfa Laval Foodec Hygiene Plus Decanters have already made a noticeable positive impact for these two dairy processors.

We are witnessing a technology upgrade trend within the New Zealand industry, driven primarily by operators' desire to maintain high productivity, and a strong commitment to sustainability," says Roger Johnson, Sales Manager at Alfa Laval New Zealand. "The decision to replace conventional decanters with the advanced Foodec Hygiene Plus is an appealing proposition for operators as it offers compelling advantages such as superior quality, easy cleaning and higher extraction yields. This upgrade solution enables operators to not only stay competitive but also align with their sustainability goals."

Alfa Laval is playing a key role in a fundamental change to casein extraction in New Zealand. “The introduction of the latest generation of decanters from Alfa Laval is revolutionizing this aspect of dairy processing. This accomplishment not only reinforces our commitment to providing innovative solutions and unmatched service in the dairy industry but also solidifies our position as a trailblazer in the field," says Cees Visser, dairy processing expert in Alfa Laval.

Highlighted Technologies

Higher extraction yield

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Reduced cleaning chemical consumption

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Emissions savings

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Close to zero carbon emissions in Alfa Laval decanter assembly because all Alfa Laval decanter manufacturing sites run exclusively on sources of renewable energy