Steam and heat generation

Alfa Laval Aalborg marine boiler systems are today’s standard for generating steam, hot water and thermal oil on board – but also the answer to tomorrow’s needs. Built on over 100 years of marine boiler experience, they are now multi-fuel solutions prepared for the decarbonization journey. Shipowners using traditional fuels can upgrade to LNG, methanol, using the boilers’ built-in flexibility and consistent high efficiency to succeed in the fuel transition.

Marine boilers Heat generation through steam, hot water and thermal fluids

Where reliability and safety meet efficiency

  • Heat generation solutions based on decades of application experience
  • Uncompromising reliability, safety and uptime
  • Innovative waste heat recovery technologies for highest maximum vessel energy efficiency and boiler thermal efficiency

Fuel-flexible and future-proof marine boiler solutions 

  • “Ready boiler” concept equipped with a unique MultiFlame burner prepared for tomorrow’s emission-reducing fuels
  • Designed to accommodate future adjustments
  • Optimized for equivalent steam output no matter which fuel is used


As the marine industry decarbonizes, Alfa Laval Aalborg multi-fuel marine boilers are leading the way in efficiency and flexibility. Already, they have been instrumental in the move to more sustainable fuels. They were the first marine boiler solutions for use with LNG, and today they are being installed as the first marine boiler solutions for use with methanol. A unique “boiler ready” concept makes them a stable platform for the fuel transition, allowing hassle-free upgrades as needed over the boiler’s long lifetime.