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Environmental protection

The transport of people and cargo by sea is of crucial importance in today’s world, yet it poses a danger to the fragile ecosystems on which our oceans depend. Alfa Laval technologies are helping create a sustainable balance, with benefits for both the environment and your bottom line.

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Meeting needs as well as legislation

Alfa Laval’s environmental solutions are designed to meet both current and pending regulatory demands. This provides security as existing legislation is tightened, as well as compliance with new laws, such as those regulating ballast water treatment and airborne emissions like NOx and SOx.

At the same time, we make sure our solutions fit in on board – not only in their size and construction, but also with regard to their function. You receive equipment that minimizes environmental impact and has a minimal impact on vessel operations.

Lasting and added value

In addition to long-term assurance, our solutions are designed for long-term economy. Extremely reliable and infrequently serviced, they demand little from the crew. And since their energy-efficient operation is chemical-free, they avoid making you dependent on costly or hazardous consumables.

Whenever possible, they also recycle the waste that they handle. By maximizing usable returns and minimizing sludge, they reduce your operating costs as well as your onshore deposits. 

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