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The Alfa Laval adaptive fuel line

Alfa Laval is the only supplier who can optimize the entire fuel treatment system – which is the only way to secure total energy efficiency and engine protection. The industry’s most effective separators are just the beginning.

Additional savings on slow steaming

The Alfa Laval adaptive fuel line is the only complete solution for minimizing fuel consumption and maximizing protection from cat fines. It utilizes slow steaming synergies and groundbreaking technologies for total energy and separation efficiency.

The Alfa Laval adaptive fuel line combines effective separation with:

  • Automatic synchronization with engine load (FlowSync)
  • Immediate detection of elevated risk or efficiency loss (Catguard and FCM One)
  • Safe and efficient management of multiple fuels (FCM One)
  • Recovery and reuse of waste fuel (PureDry

Synchronizing and optimizing the feed

If you slow steam, you return much of your clean oil to the settling tank to be pumped and separated again. Alfa Laval FlowSync automatically synchronizes your separator’s feed with your engine’s needs instead. Not only does this minimize energy use, it also maximizes cat fine protection by letting the oil spend more time in the separator. Dedicated heater control ensures that the separation conditions are always optimal.

Detecting risk and efficiency loss

Cat fines and oil losses can lead to massive costs, which makes immediate detection a must. The Alfa Laval adaptive fuel line identifies both:

  • The Catguard monitoring system warns of an increase in cat fines before they can enter the engine.
  • The Alfa Laval FCM One booster system can accurately measure engine-specific fuel consumption, taking into account fuel injection pulsations.

These real-time functions enable immediate countermeasures and help you identify the root cause of a problem.

Efficiently managing multiple fuels

Most likely you work with multiple fuels, especially if you sail in Emission Control Areas. The Alfa Laval FCM One booster system provides smooth fuel changeover with tight viscosity control, which prevents interruptions and unnecessary consumption of expensive distillate. The system is unaffected by engine load and has fuel blending options for an economical match of the given sulphur target.

Recovery and reuse of waste fuel

The Alfa Laval adaptive fuel line is the only one with a solution for waste fuel recovery. Alfa Laval PureDry is a revolutionary separator that operates in accordance with MEPC.1/Circ.642. Not only does it reduce waste volumes by 99%, it also returns up to 2% of your consumed fuel for reuse.

Recovery and reuse of waste fuel

The Alfa Laval adaptive fuel line is a complete solution for energy efficiency and engine protection – with the complete backing only Alfa Laval can provide. Contact us to learn more about the equipment itself and about how you can create a more effective treatment system layout.