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Start-up service

Small errors at the outset can add up to big consequences over time. We help you get every detail of your start-up right with a full range of services – from strategic consultation to hands-on installation.

For a long and healthy life cycle

Skilled engineers are at your service every step of the way, using their knowledge to provide foresight on the challenges you may face and how best to prepare for them. With Alfa Laval on your side during start-up, you can be sure every piece of equipment will live up to expectations and perform like it should over the long haul.


Optimal lifetime performance demands getting off on the right foot. We help you do that with experienced engineers who not only specialize in the equipment to be installed, but can provide insights into how small adjustments will play out over years of operation. Putting installation in their hands means you can rest easy as unwanted surprises are avoided.

Our locally based engineers make no assumptions about your operations, but take the time to get to know your unique circumstances. With installation in their hands, you can count on:

  • Quick completion
  • Optimal performance
  • Experienced specialists who take the lead
  • Recommendations for ideal operation and maintenance
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Supervision