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Monitoring service

Our monitoring solutions let you achieve lower cost of ownership and even greater peace of mind. By tracking certain data, we can identify areas that, with a little adjustment, will deliver concrete results in process performance, equipment lifespan and crew safety.

For solving problems before they start

One way we do this is by monitoring your spare parts consumption. Looking at the numbers, we identify potential issues in maintenance and operational practices and find solutions before they become a real problem. Catching them early means you only need simple fixes, like equipment optimization or a specific training course.

Performance Agreements

Alfa Laval Performance Agreements are individually tailored solutions that can include any of the services in our extensive service portfolio. Based on your specific needs, we put together a unique offering that brings you maximized returns on investments, ensures continuous top performance of your equipment and makes budgeting easy.

When adding up the avoided downtime, minimized need for repairs and reduced operating costs, you will soon discover how profitable a Performance Agreement can be.

  • Predictability and peace of mind
  • Fixed yearly costs
  • Access to special services only available in an agreement
  • Top level efficiency throughout entire equipment lifecycle