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Maintenance services

A well-crafted maintenance strategy gives you greater uptime, transparent cost control and longer equipment lifespan. In fact, expert maintenance not only improves the performance of your Alfa Laval equipment, but also helps you get more out of all surrounding equipment.

For performance you can count on

Thanks to tireless R&D, we can offer unique solutions for Cleaning-in-Place that cut man-hours, reconditioning that leaves equipment good as new, and meticulously designed spare parts that improve performance while extending service intervals. For the ultimate in spare parts efficiency, you can even set up an exclusive stock of parts fabricated to your exact specifications and ready to ship the same day you ask for them.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the key to securing uptime while keeping surprises at bay. We can provide you with the training and tools to do it yourself or we can come on board and do it for you. Regular Cleaning-in-Place and the use of quality spare parts keeps wear down and ensures service intervals are optimal. Using the right tools and methods when disassembling and assembling reduces man-hours and eliminates costly errors. When you base your maintenance on our service kits, you know you have the right parts, the right quality and the right information to perform effective preventive maintenance.

Preventive maintenance gives you:

  • Maximum reliability
  • Minimized operating costs
  • Longer equipment lifetime
  • Even small imperfections are found
  • Regular and unscheduled service
  • Cleaning
  • Spare parts & service kits
  • Repair and reconditioning
  • Exchange and rental equipment