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Improvement service

Taking advantage of our upgrades and other improvement services has an immediate impact on your bottom line.With smart retrofits, upgrades, relevant training and expert guidance, we help you secure future success.

For an even stronger future

Day by day, it becomes more important to make your resources go further, whether due to changing fuel economy or impending regulations. Our improvement services give you smart, cost-effective ways to do just that.

We provide continuous access to the latest innovations – many of which involve little investment. The Automated fuel changeover system gives you cutting-edge control of viscosity and temperature variations to better handle low-sulphur distillate fuels.

  • New and reconditioned equipment as retrofit
  • Performance upgrades
  • Improved automation
  • Training programs
  • Consultancy

WHR for auxiliary engines

Reduce your fossil fuel costs and emissions with a waste heat recovery (WHR) retrofit on your auxiliary engines.

The Aalborg XS-TC7A is a compact and lightweight economizer that we tailor to your ship and its engine design. Though it has a minimal footprint, it effectively optimizes use of waste heat from the auxiliary engine exhaust gases during voyage and port stays.

The WHR retrofit results in significant reductions in oil consumption, helping you meet budget demands. It is particularly beneficial during slow steaming as, in some cases, reduced gas flow and temperature mean steam production becomes insufficient for meeting operation requirements. The retrofit can augment steam production to reduce the need to use your oil fired boiler.

Some of the benefits are:

  • A short ROI
  • Reduced fuel consumption of the oil fired boiler
  • Reduced emissions from the oil fired boiler

PureDry retrofit

PureDry can make a major impact on your economy. The average vessel cuts their fuel costs by about 2%.

PureDryTake greater control of your fuel costs with a PureDry retrofit. The average vessel cuts their fuel costs by about 2%. With bunker fuel oil accounting for nearly 60% of a vessel’s operating costs. By installing this innovative high speed separator, you can recover super-dry solids from waste fuel oil that can be re-used.

The retrofit involves installing two waste oil tanks – one for lube oil and one for fuel oil (many vessels already have this set-up). PureDry features a patented, spiralshaped device called the XCavator that transports super-dry solids from the fuel oil tank down into a separate container. The recovered fuel is then returned to the fuel oil bunker. The savings typically add up to a return on investment of less than a year.

FPS service concept

Whether you need inert gas generator upgrades or an entirely new boiler, we deliver lifetime service and support to get the most out of your floating production and storage (FPS) vessel.

Our services range from life time extension consultation to emergency support from our engineers who are specialized in working with large boiler and IGG systems on offshore vessels. Located around the world, they are always on call to ensure your production keeps hitting its targets.

We can upgrade your boilers to run exclusively on the gas produced on-board the FPS, eliminating the need for external fuel. We can also upgrade the automation of your boiler and IGG so they perform at optimal efficiency.

The Alfa Laval FPS service concept gives you:

  • Lifetime service and support
  • Cutting edge boiler and IGG automation technology
  • Optimized boiler and IGG performance
  • Experienced engineers always on-call
  • Remote data access for effective support