Wine and distilled alcoholic beverages production

Alfa Laval provides a comprehensive range of technologies, solutions and equipment that wine-making companies and distilleries worldwide rely on in their operations. These include extraction, concentration by evaporation, thermovinification and all kinds of heat treatment, cross-flow filtration, stabilization, heating and cooling, and recovery and clarification by centrifugal separation. We also supply solutions for fluid handling, mixing and tank cleaning as well as filling and packaging.

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The delicate balance

Producing wine and distilled beverages is often an industrialized process that also involves skilled craftsmanship and the application of a delicate, specialist art – all at the same time. Providing solutions that are equally attractive to all those who contribute to making your product a success takes considerable versatility.

Alfa Laval provides a comprehensive range of technologies, solutions and equipment that enable companies to maintain complete control, to achieve maximum flexibility, scalability and reliability, energy efficiency and uptime, and to post an exceptional return on investment throughout a long equipment service life.

Alfa Laval provides solutions for the wine and grape juice industry that include thermovinification modules, juice extraction plants, continuous tartaric stabilization, evaporation systems for juice concentration, pasteurizers and sterilizers, high-speed centrifuges for clarification and polishing and other equipment. These specialist set-ups are always designed to help boost energy efficiency, as well as to roll back environmental impacts of all kinds.

For whisky and vodka production, Alfa Laval provides heat exchangers that include mash coolers, fermenter coolers, ethanol condensers and reboilers as well as decanter centrifuges and evaporators for stillage concentration.

Alfa Laval solutions include:

  • Heat exchangers of all kinds, for energy-saving thermal transfer
  • Heating/cooling and pasteurization systems
  • Membrane filtration systems
  • Fluid handling equipment
  • Centrifugal separation technologies – including both decanter centrifuges and vertical centrifuges
  • Systems for mixing liquids and powders
  • Key systems for installing in tanks, including tank cleaning equipment
  • Bag-in-box filling and packaging systems
  • Boilers
  • Specific waste treatment solutions

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Grape juice extraction FAQ

Juice extraction is an essential process in winemaking. The traditional ways to do this are with different kinds of presses and then filters or settling tanks, in which gravity makes particles, sediment and solids gradually fall to the bottom. Innovation in centrifugal separation technology offers a more efficient yet gentle way of extraction.

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