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Crude oil refinery

Alfa Laval has a complete portfolio of heat exchangers for refining processes. These start from compact and fully welded heat exchangers, Compabloc and high pressure spiral heat exchangers (HPSHE) which all increase energy savings, reduce emissions and improve refining process, with the additional advantages of reduced costs for installation and operation.

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In processes where design conditions exceed Compabloc and high pressure spiral (HPSHE) limits, we provide special shell-and-tubes, air coolers and the Packinox heat exchanger. The latter operates as a feed x effluent interchanger in some specific processes, offering a high grade of heat recovery.

No matter what application you have that needs a heat exchanger, Alfa Laval offers you the optimal solution for your specific requirements.

Save energy and reduce emissions

When refineries convert from traditional shell-and-tube technology to more efficient Alfa Laval compact heat exchangers in a crude preheating train, they can achieve energy savings of up to 50%. Alfa Laval compact heat exchangers substantially decrease CO2, SOx and NOx emissions. For every ton of natural gas burned, approximately 2.6 tons of CO2 is released.

Small footprint, large capacity

Only a few square meters are required for installation. They are ideal solutions in situations such as revamps, where space can be extremely restrained. Installation costs are normally 50% lower than for shell-and-tubes.

Reductions on CAPEX and OPEX 

Alfa Laval heat exchangers enable refineries to minimize both their CAPEX and OPEX. The smaller footprint and high efficiency requires less heat transfer area, which results in less material needed. Alfa Laval can offer much more economical solutions when high-grade alloys are required to avoid corrosion.

Solve fouling problems

Heat exchanger fouling is a huge problem in many refining processes, leading to losses of thermal efficiency, costly downtime and large maintenance expenses. Alfa Laval has the solution. Our spiral heat exchanger provides a unique self-cleaning process allowing much longer operating intervals. It reduces maintenance downtime and keeps a high thermal performance even under the most demanding conditions.

Solutions for high pressures and temperatures

Alfa Laval OLMI is a specialized manufacturer of shell-and-tubes and air coolers for high pressure and temperature, using stainless steel and other special alloys.

In refinery processes, very high pressure (above 100 Bar) and high temperature (above 400ºC) are very often involved, for instance on hydrocrackers, hydrogen units or hydrotreaters. In those situations which are outside the limits for compact heat exchangers, Alfa Laval offers OLMI shell-and-tubes (including Breech Lock and Rod baffles) and air coolers.

Boost your refinery efficiency with Alfa Laval compact heat exchangersBoost your refinery efficiency with Alfa Laval compact heat exchangers. Learn how to cut operating costs and increase production.

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