High-efficiency heat exchangers

Alfa Laval high-efficiency welded heat exchangers are engineered to match the widest range of industrial processes – adding efficiency, reliability, and sustainability under extreme conditions. Determined to empower the global transition to clean energy systems, we provide energy efficient solutions with outstanding performance, compact design, and low total cost of ownership. Our global service organization ensures hassle-free and energy-efficient operation throughout your heat exchanger’s lifecycle.

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The compact, laser welded Compabloc brings superior performance, reliability, and energy efficiency to challenging duties in chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, and refinery applications. Easy to install, clean, and service, each customized unit does the job of up to five shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

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alfa laval spiral heat exchanger

Spiral heat exchangers

Spiral heat exchangers are the ultimate problem solvers to rely on for demanding liquid-to-liquid and two-phase duties in hydrocarbon, wastewater, mining, and other industries. With low maintenance requirements and a proven reputation for minimal fouling, they succeed where others fail.

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Printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHE)

Unparalleled integrity and minimal footprint make PCHE the perfect fit for all your high-pressure duties. The unique design enables higher heat transfer rates, improved performance, and increased safety at a lower cost. Customize it to fit your specific duty – for example to preheat the feed to gas turbines to maximize overall efficiency.

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HyBloc printed circuit heat exchangers are ideal precoolers in hydrogen refuelling stations – both H35 and H70 systems. The unique design enables back-to-back refuelling, ensuring the lowest possible customer wait times, while minimizing space requirements and installation cost.

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Alfa Laval Packinox plate-and-shell heat exchanger

Packinox plate-and-shell

Providing exceptional heat transfer and low pressure drop in large-scale duties, Packinox plate-and-shell is the preferred choice in several demanding high-pressure applications, such as catalytic reforming and aromatics production. Each Packinox unit is built to order and ensures exceptional heat recovery.

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Alfa Laval Packinox plate-and-frame heat exchanger

Packinox plate-and-frame

Suitable for large-scale processes with high flow rates and long temperature programs at limited pressure. High thermal efficiency and low CAPEX has made Packinox plate-and-frame a popular choice for carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS), long-duration energy storage (LDES), and petrochemicals production.

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Alfa Laval Olmi shell-and-tube heat exchanger

Olmi shell-and-tube 

Alfa Laval Olmi heat exchangers are engineered for the toughest duties in chemical processing industries and refineries, for example waste heat boilers and quench gas coolers in ethylene production. Through reliable, hassle-free operation and low total cost of ownership, they help maximize plant sustainability.

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Selection guide

  Temperature range Max pressure Heat exchange capacity Suitable for fouling duties
Compabloc -46°C (-51°F) to 370°C (698°F) 59 barg (855 psig) High Medium fouling duties
Spiral heat exchangers -100°C (-148°F) to 470°C (878°F) 50 barg (725 psig) Medium High fouling duties
Printed circuit heat exchangers -196°C (-321°F) to 800°C (1,472°F) 650 barg (9,430 psig) High Clean duties
HyBloc Down to -253°C (-423.4°F) 1,250 barg (19,130 psig) Low Clean duties
Packinox plate-and-shell Up to 650°C (1,150°F) Up to 139 barg (2,015 psig) Very high Low fouling duties
Packinox plate-and-frame Up to 475°C (887°F) Up to 69 barg (1,000 psig) Very high Low fouling duties
Olmi WHB Up to 1100°C (2,012°F) Typically up to 140 barg* (2,031 psig) Very high Medium fouling duties
Olmi TLE Up to 950°C (1,742°F) Typically up to 140 barg* (2,031 psig) High Medium fouling duties

* Can be checked if to be exceeded depending on mechanical properties of materials and working temperature. The numbers in the above selection guide are within standard limits. Other requirements may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

HEXpert selector tool

Quickly find the ideal welded plate heat exchanger for demanding process applications. Fill in information about your duty, and within five minutes you can explore a customized recommendation for an efficient thermal solution.

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