Caustic soda evaporation

Alfa Laval provides complete, compact and energy-efficient caustic soda and caustic potash evaporation systems. The special corrosion-resistant design, allied to low operating temperatures, reduces corrosion rates and translates into longer equipment lifetime and a higher level of plant reliability. Reduced liquid hold-up volumes also speed up startup and shutdown.

Caustic soda production

Flexible, energy-efficient caustic evaporation systems

  • Available in 1 to 4-effect configuration, and up to 2,000 ton/day
  • Capacity easily upgradable thanks to modular design
  • Significantly lower installation height
  • Less power and steam consumption than traditional shell-and-tube solutions
  • Available in standard 32-50% concentration, and customized configurations up to 75% concentration
Compact and highly efficient systems. Alfa Laval AlfaVap evaporators, AlfaCond condensers and preheaters work together as double-, triple- and quadruple-effect systems to create highly energy-efficient plants. With our solutions, two floors can handle the same processes of a typical four-floor design. They also require less space than conventional shell-and-tube heat exchangers which helps to significantly reduce installation costs.

Simple installation, operation and expansion

The compact design means easy maintenance and operation. Capacity can be increased simply by adding more cassettes – a major benefit compared with traditional shell-and-tube evaporators.

Optimize process with triple- or quadruple-effect systems

With an Alfa Laval triple-effect evaporator system you can generally look forward to the best cost:performance ratio. In areas where steam and electricity costs are low, our double-effect system may offer lower installation costs and good operating economy. And where steam cost is high, opting for a quadruple-effect evaporator system may be the answer – the significant savings in steam and fast payback time may justify the additional investment.


Boost profits - recycle your energy

Investments in waste heat recovery are often very profitable. Payback periods are typically less than a year.

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Upgrade your existing plant?

We can help upgrade your existing plant to improve performance and capacity or remove bottlenecks. Our efficient pre-heaters or high performance gaskets are just two examples of how we can help you get more from your plant. Contact us for a plant audit by process specialists who can assess and propose required modifications.

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Learn more

You can read more about the efficiency, practicality and technical details of the Alfa Laval solutions for concentration of caustic soda and caustic potash by downloading the product leaflet.

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