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Working with us

Innovating products and processes to purify, refine and recycle — these are some of the ways the people of Alfa Laval do extraordinary every day. But that is what we do, not who we are. 

Take a few minutes to get to know us better here. You’ll find out more about our philosophy, personality, principles and values. Our expectations of employees, and what they can expect of us. And all the ways Alfa Laval is unique.

Our personality

Alfa Laval is a worldwide company with an international approach. However, the origin is Scandinavian and this reflects our corporate culture.

This does not, of course, mean that you have to be of Scandinavian origin to succeed at Alfa Laval, but you must share our mentality: When you communicate, you are straightforward and tell it like it is. Your style is open, informal and friendly – reinforced by a strong sense of integrity.

You believe in diversity and equal career opportunities. Alfa Laval has a strong determination to attract, develop and maintain the best individuals, regardless of gender and nationality. This creates a dynamic working environment and will improve the decision-making processes.

In your job, you have an investigative and positive attitude, and you are quick to move and adapt. This is what makes our knowledge and expertise the best in the world. You have a built-in curiosity and drive to understand our customers’ businesses and current situation.

You keep it simple and focus on cost-efficient solutions, and always seek to improve performance.

What you can expect of us

Group on stairs

It is the people of Alfa Laval who make our company the global leader in refining, recycling and purifying innovation. Understanding that inspires our commitment to create and maintain a stimulating working environment that empowers employees to grow as professionals.

We actively pursue diversity and make career opportunities equal to all.

Developing our employees is the basis for future business success. 

A culturally diverse, flexible, motivated and competent workforce is essential for Alfa Laval’s success. These are four important components in our employee philosophy: 

  • We continually develop employees’ competence and flexibility.
  • There shall be no direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin.
  • We provide safe and healthy working conditions.
  • We recognize the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining. 

What we expect of you

Man with paperPeople — our customers, the public, potential future co-workers — judge us on their experience of us. It can be through our solutions, but also from a meeting, phone call, or the words in a letter we write.

Alfa Laval is successful as a company because each of us individually takes responsibility for protecting one of its most important assets — the brand image. Really that boils down to doing what should come naturally: keeping a people-first service orientation, doing the right thing even if it isn’t the easiest, and being open and honest with customers and co-workers alike.

We also know we are successful because our people embrace expectations of swift action, the courage to try and change, flexibility, a spirit of teamwork and cost-consciousness. Other expectations include the desire and effort to understand our customers’ businesses as thoroughly as possible. And adaptability to our open, informal and friendly corporate culture.

We have four core values that characterize our work. They constitute the soul of our company.

These values should drive us to achieve our goals and help us make the right everyday decisions.


Be alert; act now. You need to realize that speed is an essential business asset in achieving performance.


Have the courage to change. You are part of a performance-driven organization that plays to win. You must dare to try, and dare to do things differently.


Think flexibly. It is only by being adaptable and combining your resources and strengths with others that you can be truly effective and keep your promises.


Look at the bottom line. Controlling costs and managing prices is essential for our ongoing success. We shall take every opportunity to improve financial performance for both our customers and ourselves.

What does it mean to be an Alfa Laval manager?

Our leadership concept is based on our core values and business principles, but also on our ideas how to make the business grow by growing our people.

We believe that achievements should be linked to measurable objectives and behaviour, both equal important. This measured performance applies to all employees but most important to our managers, as they also are the role models for what is expected from an Alfa Laval employee. Professional leadership is characterized by having the right balance between Management and Leadership.

Pure Leadership

Leadership at Alfa Laval is about stimulating people, and motivating and inspiring them through emotional involvement. An Alfa Laval manager walks the talk and leads the way. As a manager, your challenge and responsibility calls for managing and mastering the four key dimensions.

  1. It all starts with yourself.
  2. For the individual employee, your job as a manager is to convey visions, overall goals, and other relevant information so that everyone understands their role.
  3. With your team, you are open, clear and communicative, and you are able to deliver both positive and negative messages with respect and dignity.
  4. For the business, you must set targets, drive them and follow up on results and make decisions.

Pure leadership is propelled by our twelve Leadership Competencies.

  • Leading yourself
  • Leading others
  • Working strategically
  • Customer focus
  • Business acumen
  • Networking & Influencing
  • Engaging the individual
  • Creativity
  • Decisiveness & Execution
  • Planning
  • Securing Quality
  • Driving and Handling Change

And at the core of everything we do, are our four values: Action, Courage, Teamwork, and Profit.