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Student contact

Worldwide student issues are handled by the Alfa Laval companies in each country. If you want information about internships, thesis work or other student matters, please contact your nearest Alfa Laval office.

When applying for thesis work at Alfa Laval we would like you to submit your CV, course transcript as well as your fields of interest as this will make it easier for us to help you.

Contact your local Alfa Laval office

Come join us

As a student you have the opportunity to start your career and get valuable work experience before you graduate from the university. If you do an internship or project with us, you can get a better understanding of Alfa Laval, while developing your skills and competences.

Contribution to the UN Global Goals

The United Nations has adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, known as Global Goals, that world leaders have pledged to achieve. Cross-sector collaboration between civil society, academia and the business community is key to achieve these goals. Alfa Laval’s core business is strongly contributing to the achievement of many of the Global Goals.

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Read Here No 37 in a clickable version with links

Innovative food processing to turn bugs to burgers, or new technology to store renewable energy are only two examples of articles in the new edition of HERE magazine. The articles illustrate what we mean by responsible growth, providing solutions that benefit both people and planet. HERE won the Swedish Publishing Prize in 2019.

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Sustainable solutions for a better world

We not only offer solutions that respond to the needs of our customers but also to those of our planet. Our latest Sustainability Report documents the work we’re doing to help create better everyday conditions for everyone.

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