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Development opportunities

Growing with Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval has developed products since 1883. A leader in heat transfer, separation and fluid handling, we are committed to playing a vital role in areas that are crucial for society by saving energy and protecting the environment.

Our world is constantly changing through new challenges from our customers and our business environment, which means that our employees must also continuously develop. Within Alfa Laval, we believe in the development of the employees. We encourage internal mobility and hundreds of vacancies are published on our intranet each year. This provides employees greater opportunities for promotion, broadened experience and new, attractive challenges.

Competence development

We really believe in finding your next challenge within Alfa Laval therefore we have an internal recruitment process, open recruitment which means almost every managerial position is filled by an internal candidate. So many opportunities are coming through internal job rotation. In addition to this Alfa Laval offers various channels for competence development, which are arranged centrally and locally within the Group. Some examples are:

Alfa Laval Academy:

With the mission to contribute to business performance through the efficient delivery of global and cross functional learning programs, Alfa Laval Academy offer more than 250 different courses across the world in areas as Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain and Technical Application.

External courses:

Alfa Laval collaborate at global and local level with external learning suppliers that provide a high quality learning programs exclusive for Alfa Laval employees or together with other companies of the market.

On the Job Learning:

External studies demonstrate that on the job learning may have more than three times more impact on people development than formal training programs. For that reason at Alfa Laval support and facilitate on the job learning initiatives such coaching, mentoring, access to best practices, job rotation, be a trainer / facilitator, participate on international projects and networks, etc...

Team Development:

At Alfa Laval we believe that development does not have only individual facet, but team development is key for everybody's success and development. For that reason every year, every team conducts a satisfaction survey where success factors and development areas are identify at the same time that action plans are defined.


One out of four teams at Alfa Laval has people working in different sites. Working virtually is more and more important as well as learning virtually. In the Alfa Laval Academy you can find more than 50 self studies courses, as well as several virtual programs, where you will interact with other learners around the world and share experiences and reflections.

Alfa Laval leadership programs:


Challenger is a programme for young employees and to give a challenge for their own development and growing future within Alfa Laval. The programme aims to enhance the individual performance by increasing the participant’s self-awareness and self-insight on behavioural attributes. It will also provide some foundation for good management and leadership. It conveys the global aspects of the company and the strategic direction of Alfa Laval; provides a foundation for good management, leadership and business acumen as well as an international network for future challenges.

Leadership for new managers

Leadership for New Managers is a virtual Alfa Laval corporate program with international trainers and participants from all around the world. Participants will learn about what is leadership in Alfa Laval, how to manage themselves (self awareness), the employee (motivation, communication, delegation), the team (Compass, plan a meeting, change management, conflict handling) and finally and most important the business (define a vision, set goals, financial ratios).


Impact is the name of a tailor-made development and mentorship program for female managers within Alfa Laval. To focus on women career development is one initiative from Group management to promote Equal Career Opportunities.

The purpose of the program is to identify, retain and develop a group of female “high potentials” within Alfa Laval. Impact aims to enhance the individual performance by working with, being challenged and supported in their own career development with ingredients like building a personal brand, strategy and tactics, effective communication and the ability to set and achieve goals.

It also creates internal networks and facilitates contacts between groups where interaction is not self-established. With the program we want to increase the number of management positions held by women.

Pure Leadership

To secure and promote that the core values and the right leadership and managerial attitudes and skills are in line with the leadership culture of Alfa Laval our leaders go through Pure Leadership.

This training is delivered for middle Management throughout the company. It is a class room training program where we also create internal networks and facilitates contacts between groups where interaction is not self-established.