Moatti 290 filter

With original Atrium 2.0 technology, Alfa Laval Moatti 290 automatic self-cleaning filters will adapt to meet your requirements with precision. The Eliminator configuration meets all your medium-speed diesel engine lubrication oil requirements, ensuring that you consistently meet ISO 16889 and ISO 4406 standards. For every commercial marine vessel class there is a Moatti 290 filter available to treat fuel oil, lubrication oil and hydraulic control oil.

Moatti 290

Maximum engine protection, minimal engine wear

  • Compact and versatile backflushing filter easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Reliable and genuine very fine filtration
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Complete reuse of the backflushed oil in integrated diversion chamber
  • Up to three-fold lube oil life extension


Moatti 290 fuel oil filters are suitable for use with biofuels of the following type: 

  • Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME), compliant with EN 14214  
  • Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils (HVO) 
  • Blends of the above with ISO 8217–compliant hydrocarbon fuels 


Application examples

The Alfa Laval Moatti 290 self-cleaning filter range covers rigorous oil filtration needs in several industries and applications.

Power industry

  • Engine power
  • Combined heat and power

Marine industry

  • Fuel conditioning
  • Lube oil treatment
  • Fuel oil treatment
  • Hydraulic control oil treatment

Transport industry

  • Fuel cleaning
  • Oil cleaning

How it works

Based on Alfa Laval Atrium technology

Extensive filter area is critical for fine filtration, for example at the very fine grade of 6 μm required for hydraulic control oil. Using the original Alfa Laval Atrium technology, filters in the Alfa Laval 290 filter range provide a tremendous increase in filtering surface – with virtually no impact on pressure drop.

This is possible through the special patented shape of the Atrium filter elements, as well as their smaller and highly optimized flow distribution system. Atrium technology creates the market’s best ratio between the available filtering surface and the total footprint/volume of the filter.

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